Welcome to our Restaurant

Our menu is a selection of International Cuisine using fresh vegetables and fruits in season including homemade dishes with our own recipes.  From starters to desserts, fresh seafood, meats and pasta dishes with plenty of vegetables and salads to choose from

Some of our popular specialties to look out for -

Tuna Kebab  -  marinated tuna in thyme and Calamansi (local lemons) with sweet pepper & onions
Ebi Fry – King Prawns fried in bread crumbs
English Fish and Chips
Roast Chicken in rosemary and lemon
Hamburger Steak  with Demiglace sauce

How about discovering some of our Filipino Dishes ? – popular with many of our guests from all over the world -

Whole fish (Lapu Lapu or Maya) steamed, fried or barbequed with a choice of sauces

Don’t like CARROTS? Don’t eat MEAT ? How about MAYONNAISE ?  Just let us know and the chef will adjust what he can

For vegetarians and for health or other personal preferences, just let the Chef know and – as the dishes are prepared for individual orders – adjustments can be made to most dishes

Should you have any particular dietary requests or questions for kiddy wise foods, then please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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